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Hi my name is Mike Duarte,  Are you interested in starting an online business? My advice is –

– – DO IT! – –

Money can be made! don’t lose hope, don’t quit! I have had an online business for over ten years now.Yes, money can be made online!

Remember making money online is a business!  Please take it seriously! Choosing your business is a big decision, and big decisions deserve thorough due diligence
Please don’t fall prey to all those thousands of people / gurus / websites that want to sell you hundreds of dollars worth of useless information or services you can otherwise get for free.

Your online business and financial future is at stake, you don’t need to remain broke or worse, go broke trying. The rewards of success can be HIGH, the penalties of failure (lost time and money) can be severe.  As with any business proper investigation is essential. If researched properly money can be earned from the start. My own personal belief is that you should grow your online business organically, with very little money for start-up. It can be done! By carefully navigating our links we essentially provide FREE simple examples of working websites utilizing various working / functional monitization methods.

I own and operate a private network of niche websites designed to serve the general public with USEFUL information and generate a few bucks through various means. That’s what we are in a nutshell. In-Fact, the straight up truth is the primary purpose of this website is simply to provide links to our own websites by creating a path for web crawlers to raise our own website ranking. Take Note – That was an important tip!

+Secondarily, we offer a transparent business case study of online business ideas, a gallery of real working business examples. The gallery’s intent is 1st – shameless self promotion, 2nd – to serve as an example of what could be done via the various business models available. Lastly, if you should notice – I want you to note that money can be made, even if you lack graphic artistry skills or programming abilities. Our websites are all bare bones basic because of a lack of those skills. We have recently moved to using blogging style websites which are very easy to setup and maintain from anywhere. You do NOT need technical /programming skills either. The platform is wordpress which free.

My years of online business experience have been filled with lots of failure and has cost lots of money. I’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years now, a real pioneer on the internet.  I make money everyday online!

The real truth is there are ways to monetize a website, hopefully YOUR websites. There are ways to make money without a website too. You should get excited. Now more than ever we simply can’t keep up with new technology and business opportunities now available.  I will attempt to bring fourth tools and resources that you should strongly consider or at least evaluate.  Lots more on this later.

If you can’t make money online with my free help, you might as well give up! Seriously I know that I can help you succeed. What do you have to lose?

The internet truly can be a way for you to work from home or work from the beach, while vacationing. Your goal should be something similar to – while on vacation you should make more than you can spend on a daily basis.  Or find a way to finance your four kids through some very expensive private and public universities! That’s why I’m doing it.  The only way for any business to work is you need to know what your primary motivation is, it should be a red hot desire. Again, it can be done, GO FOR IT. DO IT!

What really works for an online business – 

Track 1 – This is basically if you just want to make an extra $50-$300 and don’t have a dime to spend in starting an online business. No need for despair there are ways! Little or no tech skills are necessary.

Track 2 – This is where it gets more exciting. Be cautious here. There are hundreds of website marketers that believe everyone is trying to become a millionaire online, they want to help you get there.  You just need to buy their $2,000-5,000 worth of coaching and they will make you into that person making at least $30,000 a month, blah blah blah. CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION you can waste thousands of dollars and many years of your life very quickly.

I will attempt to guide you to the real deal, internet marketers that can help you meet your goals. They all truly make multiple millions of dollars yearly and have doing so for 3 to 10 years.  These marketers may specialize in various markets.

Track 3 –  This is a different world where you already have money and can afford to roll it into various higher yield business opportunities. Where ever you are, whatever your interest money can be made online, GO FOR IT.

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