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Start slowly, learn new terms and earn your first few online dollars.  Wow, what a rush to earn those first few bucks on your terms. I am a firm believer that you should  earn all your online business investment money.  Never, never, never spend money you cannot afford to lose, or go into debt ! This is very “Old School”  but if you don’t do it this way you will find yourself in trouble very quickly.


Step 1

This is for those that have to start from NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, you don’t have a dime to spare or  a credit card to use.  This is what I would do if  starting for ZERO!

This may be where my credibility is going to the crapper for some, this is what I would do if I had to earn every penny / dollar online starting from ZERO, this is my opinion only.

Your going to say what?  Online Surveys they really are a way to earn money online for FREE, this method is NOT a SCAM you really can and will make money depending on how much you are willing to put into this. The true make money from home opportunity for young stay at home moms and dads. Grandparent type with NO internet savvy. To start they costs ($0) Zero to open up an account and can  generate money with virtually NO MONEY invested.  You’ll earn a few bucks, earn a little breathing room and earn a little to re-invest in your future online empire 🙂  What do you have to lose? You don’t  even have to have your own internet service to get started.  You go to a coffee shop with WIFI to do this or a library to used their computer and internet service.  I would suggest that you spend half your earnings on yourself or family and invest the other half back into your online ventures. 

Good Tip – Before you open up your first online survey account, make sure to open up a separate email account just for this activity. The email account you use will get slammed everyday with lots pay to open emails and survey offers.  Regarding paid to open email, you should be able to go through these email  about 10 – 15 minutes a day and you can decide how many survey you want to participate in. It’s a no brainer, the more surveys you participate in the more you’ll earn.  This is easily an activity you can do while watching TV, or being partially unconscious late at night.

With CashCrate you’ll earn money with surveys and trial offers.  They have a very easy platform in which you can select as many surveys as you want. Payout is monthly when you earn at least $20.  I HIGHLY recommend this service for those that want or need to earn sure money, you put in some effort and you will earn pay. You can’t go wrong with this. No separate email needed for this service. You go the the CashCrate website and select from the survey offers.  You are in control of how many surveys you want to complete on a daily basis,  you determine how much you want to earn.

Another easy – Free way to make online money is

This service sends email daily for you to open, when you open the email and hit a confirmation button on the bottom and you will earn a few cents for each and every email.  They will also send you offers to complete some low paying surveys. They will usually range from a a few cents up to $50 for some product trials.  They pay monthly when you’ve earned at least $30 USD.


You will not make much money but remember is cost you ZERO to start.  

Step 1A – Assuming you are doing this to grow an online business income in which you could fire your boss the hang with us. This is not a very glamorous approach to financial independence but it could work, you are still trading your time for money at this point. Again, hang in there.

Lets assume you have some money now to invest. What’s next? You are looking again for low risk, and HIGHER payout potential. Remember now we are talking about a small online investment. You should invest in buying This Product, they offer a list of HIGHER paying survey companies and product review companies.  I have personally participated in some surveys that have been paid over $150 and have seen offers for other surveys paying much higher.  WOW Some of these companies will even offer you incentives to sign up with them.  You can easily get  make your money back with the incentives alone, or within an hour or so of opening up a few accounts.

Regardless, you should sign up for the services mentioned above.  Free Money, whats wrong with that deal?  Look at it as an easy way to pay for your internet service and a few nice dinners out.

Get Cash for Surveys
This is a great product for you to earn money they have lists of over a hundred survey companies  and product review companies. They have been around for about 10 years and are doing well. Their product IS GOOD which is great for US and international survey takers and affiliates.

After a few months of additional earnings this service website will prove itself to be a place to  start earning REAL affiliate money!  There service also has a great affiliate program!  You should have enough to start investing into your own websites / hosting account. I can provide a bit of advice on doing this cheaply. With your earnings! What a great way to start learning about affiliate sales – Learn and Earn


Think about this, with surveys you are getting paid for work that you are doing to earn it. You get paid on your own efforts, how could you go wrong?


More steps and money making Ideas to get you from Zero to Hero will be coming soon.

Get excited, online business stuff work$$$$$, there is LOTS to learn. There are LOTS of way to make money$$$$$$$.  We are only at the stage of earning ground zero. We will get to learning safe ways of investing only in tools and resources  you have to. As in any investment you should always expect a reasonable and logical ROI. 

Be careful and don’t rush into things you don’t know.  You will likely spend much more money then you have to.  Unfortunately, there are A LOT of people out there that will gladly take your money and offer you  junk that does not work. You will have to spend money, I just want you to get your moneys worth.  If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Don’t Buy It!